The following questions will help us craft to craft a design brief for your project. We recognize this is a lot of information. For your convenience we have included a ‘Save and Continue Later’ feature which you will find at the bottom of this form, should he need to input some information and come back later to complete the rest. Note this feature will store your answers for 30 days max.

  • If possible, include the URLS of their web site.
  • Example logo types

  • Feel free to include hex, RGB or CMYK colors if you know them.
  • Why did you start the business? What were you hoping to achieve?
  • Discover your brand's character type. Check out this infographic by Joanna Worthington. It illustrates 12 different character types that most brands would fall into. Which one accurately describes your brand?
  • Who's problems are you trying to solve? How old are they? Where do they live? What do they do? What are their interests? What are their values?
  • What emotions do you want to invoke? Check out the University of West Alabama's Our Basic Emotions Infographic for inspiration.
  • A value proposition is a short synopsis of the value your brand provides to your audience. It is not the same thing as a slogan or positioning statement. For example, the UVP for Freshbooks is Small Business Accounting Software Designed for You, The Non-Accountant. This UVP tells us three things: - What problem do they solve? They provide web-based accounting software - Who are they doing it for? Small businesses who need it - What value (benefit) does it provide? The product value is that it's designed for non-accountants, meaning it is probably easy to use and understand Need more examples? Check out this article by Lean Labs: 25 Companies Who Absolutely Nailed Their Unique Value Proposition
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