1. Discover

To meet your needs, we must explore your will.

Thus, our process begins with listening. We will meet with you to collect and distill both the creative and logical aspects of your project. Our main goal at this stage is to listen, then ask questions to take a deep dive into your company, product, market, and goals.

2. Plan

Before you can fly, you must have wings. Or a jet pack.

Next, we gather internally (with plenty of coffee/RedBull) and distill the notes from our meeting into sketches. Various ideas are sketched and explored. An Information Architecture – with measurable outcomes – is then established and presented to you for feedback. Once finalized, that Architecture is transformed into Wireframes.

Through this planning stage, you will see and approve all elements of your website BEFORE we begin Design. No surprises on your part = smooth flying.

3. Design

When the design soars, it gives shape to your dreams made real.

Our web design collects drops of golden honey from collaborative conversation. We take the final Wireframes and apply a design that is a reflection of what we have learned about you as people, as a company, as a brand. We are masters at authentically depicting your company culture. You’ll kick the tires until we arrive at a final design. History shows us that this happens in just a couple of light kicks.

Oh…you (or we) will be busy gathering all of the design assets at this point.

Need some great photography? We can do that for you.

Got some great photographs? Send them our way.

Need us to write (or edit) content? We’re on it now.

Is there wording you plan to use? Send that to us as well.

4. Develop

Click, click, click. Fingers fly over the keyboard.

You can trust our web development to deliver solid, best-practice code. No “experimental, bleeding-edge” programming practices happen at Bluehive Interactive. After all, we’ve been building websites for 7+ years. This phase is where you can get back to your regular job of not working on a website.

Well, not really. We will interrupt you periodically to ask you to take a peek at certain functional components of the site as needed. Your feedback here is critical to make sure we get it right. Again, no surprises = smiles all around.

5. Test, Test, Test

Testing is music to our ears

Testing is the key to our mutual success. We do it in multiple waves for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The first wave is internal and incremental: we will test and review the website throughout the development phase, removing bugs and assuring that the project is kept on spec.

The second wave is internal and formal: We will begin to beta test your website and give feedback before it’s considered ready for delivery to you for testing.

The third wave is for your team to test and give feedback. After compilation and clarification, we will assign tasks to the appropriate person. Only after all findings have been addressed will we schedule a launch date.

Rushing to launch is not how we roll.

6. Evolve

Growth is change you can measure.

Best-practice SEO (search engine optimization) in place? Check.

Measurable goals established and tracked? Check.

Testing complete? Check.

You’ve been fully trained on how to make changes to your website? Check.

Time to hit the Launch button and give each other a high-five!

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